The smallest product in the Afri Trak range is a multi use soft-top camper, called “at.EZee”. This is a micro camper with great credentials, a go anywhere, easy to use rugged adventure camper that lets you  "explore new worlds" wherever they may be, and whatever your size tow vehicle is.... The camper's wide wheelbase with semi exposed tyres, and funky colours ensure that it stands out in the crowd. We hope you agree.

Great News, we now have our own Youtube Channel Afri Trak Adventure Campers and the first camper to feature is at.EZee Xpedition Edition go check it out.

The at.EZee micro camper is available in two variants, Standard and Xpedition.

Introducing at.EZee (Standard)...

at.EZee is fitted with smaller wheels and tyres, a lighter axle and other components cutting 20Kg from the trailer's weight, and thus weighing in at only 290 kgThis makes it ideal for the owner who requires a light camper, that can be towed behind a smaller vehicle. 

So, If you don't like climbing long ladders, or don't want the weight of a Roof Top Tent on top of your vehicle, here is an awesome alternative. 

The product is:

  • Small, light yet solidly engineered, 
  • Simple to operate
  • Ideal for a lighter tow vehicle, but equally suited to bigger vehicles,
  • It's light weight, low profile (centre of gravity), and big tyres (Xpedition variant), make it a breeze to tow in all conditions, especially so in sand and mud,
  • Low profile, it fits easily fit in the slipstream when towed, 
  • Minimal effect on fuel consumption. 
  • Long semi-elliptic blade springs with bump rubbers, ensure a softer ride
  • Minimising the effects of poor road and trail conditions.

We are acutely aware that you don't want to spend a lot of time setting up and striking camp, so we have designed at.EZee to set up in a minute or two and it will not take much longer to close up and hit the trail.


at.EZee (Standard)
  • Trailer size 2900mm (L) x 1550mm (W) x 1440mm (H),
  • Trailer mass 290 Kg (unloaded),
  • GVM 550 Kg,
  • 900 kg rated axle,
  • Long 4 blade semi-elliptic leaf springs with bump rubbers, 
  • 13" ( or 14" optional) wheels & tyres,
  • Only code “B” license required,
  • Easy to tow with smaller tow vehicles.
  • Tough uni-body construction
  • Main trailer body and integrated nosecone 2.0 mm mild steel, CNC cut, bent and welded,
  • Powder coated outside with stone chip inside for rust resistance.
  • Chassis  2.0 mm mild steel lip-channel, 
  • Reinforced in strategic places,
  • All corners gusseted for strength, 
  • Integrated full length rear bumper,
  • Powder coated for durability.
  • Wide rear door accesses main storage area,
  • Space for up to 4 x high top ammo cases,
  • Additional space for tall flat items e.g. a camping table,
  • Ample room above main storage area for two fold-up chairs and more,
  • Smaller internal storage areas ahead and behind  wheel arches,
  • One key fits all door locks,
  • Full size spare wheel stored ahead of the nose cone,
  • Round 3-in-1 LED Rear lights incorporating tail, stop and indicator lights in a single unit. 
  • Fitted into rear panels, safe from damage,
  • Clearly visible to other road users.

  • Integrated nose cone,
  • Left and right side doors, lockable,
  • Matching keys,
  • Space for small fridge & 12V battery or additional storage,
  • Standard 1.4M (Wide) x 2.2M (Long) when open Roof Top Tent
  • Modified to suit at.EZee mountings,
  • Optional Internal LED Light,
  • Optional Internal dual USB chargers
Equipped with a full size spare wheel,
Optional extra: Swing away spare wheel holder

at.EZee offers owners who wish to DIY the finishings, the basic camper as a pre-painted body and nose cone, fitted to the chassis, with the selected option of wheels (13", 14" or 15") and standard wheel arch covers. 

  • Includes the roof top tent, fitted and ready for use, with cover and ladder, 
  • Gas struts to aid opening the load area are fitted as standard as are the 2 x rear stabilising legs, 
  • All required fittings such as tail and number plate lights, reflectors, safety chain and yellow reflective tape,
  • One folding danger triangle and wheel chocs to meet roadworthy legislation.

The owner can then kit the camper out further depending on how he or she would like to use it. 

From the factory, we also offer kitted out versions, where there are several optional extras designed to accommodate owner's individual needs and preferences.

Some of the options include:

  1. A basic electrical system that runs off the tow vehicles electrical system, including 12V LED lights in the load bin and tent. Also included are 2 x USB charger points in the load bin and 2 USB points in the tent, a "cigarette lighter type" 12V socket and a "Hella" 12V socket.
  2. A comprehensive electrical system including a DC to DC converter (Dual battery system) with a solar panel regulator, A/C charger, 12V battery and shore power cable with caravan park plug
  3. A solar panel to use with 2.
  4. A small fridge and wiring (12VDC and 250VAC).
  5. A front tent with 4 sides and fitted bottom that encloses the ladder and can be used as a full height changing room, or can accommodate a porta potti if you wish.
  6. An A-bar mounted storage system for 2 x 20L Jerry Cans, and a single gas bottle holder. (Dual gas bottle holders are also available if requested.)
  7. Optional Swing away spare wheel holder
  8. Under body 50L water storage tank with tap (or 12V pump).
  9. A "canister" stove or an LPG twin burner stove with regulator
  10. High Top Ammo cases (x 4).
  11. One Ammo case can be fitted with foam inserts and crockery for 6 people.
  12. A cutlery bag that fits into the top of the ammo case in 9.
  13. Various options of zip closed rip stop bags with clear tops that fit into the ammo cases for food and utensil storage.
  14. Additional lighting in the load body, and 2 x external lights for camping.
  15. Folding chairs, fitted folding table and various other camping utensils.

We will post some more info on these items when we have done a proper photo shoot.

We are open for orders, as we only build on order and do require an upfront 50% deposit, before we will confirm delivery dates.

We are very excited with our micro camper offering and are over the moon regarding the response we have had from new to old campers, so we hope you will also like our micro camper and I hope to be able to demonstrate it to you. Just contact us for prices and availability.

Please refer to the Gallery for more pics

Best regards

Mike Ilsley