The first product in the "AT" range, (at = Afri Trak) called the “at.TrailX”, is an off-road soft-top camper, catering for 2 adults inside the camper.  With a maximum loaded mass of 1500kgs, this unit is suitable for most medium to large SUV’s and 4x4s. The first at.TrailX camper unit is already in the workshop being assembled and prepared for testing and sale.

Update 2020/06/02. The lock-down time has been good for us in one way and that is to reflect on what we want to achieve with this camper. We invited a group of off-road camping experts to visit the workshop to review the camper. We are working hard to incorporate their suggestions and comments. As a result, we have totally re-designed the interior, and the exterior has changed accordingly.  We have focused on fast, easy setup, and I am ecstatic with the results.

Some pics from the show and review day.... Thanks to all of the people who attended and gave their very valuable input

Note: See the mockup of at.EZee in the foreground

Things that the guys raised included the following:

  • Simplify set up and reduce set up time,
  • Improve access by adding a swing out step to the main door,
  • Relocate lights to avoid breakage in off-road conditions,
  • Improve access to storage areas.

Things they really liked:

  • Overall size, weight and obvious ease of towing,
  • Interior space,
  • Swing out kitchen design,
  • Large nose cone,
  • Camper is de-mountable and provides a flatbed trailer to haul other items when the camper body is not required, two trailers in one effectively.

The Camper now features the beds inside so the dual swing open roofs have gone, and have been replaced with a single roof unit hinged only in the front, that easily and quickly flips up at the rear. The tent will pop out automatically with the opening motion. The lid now has dual gas struts to assist with the opening process and will set up in 2 to 3 minutes max. 

Space inside features an ample sized double bed 1.9M x 1.4M, with the owner's option to order a longer bed if that is a requirement. An additional storage access door on the right front will now provide access to the storage compartments under the bed. The Day and Night configuration provides comfortable sleeping accommodation, and in the day mode comfortable sitting accommodation, the latter being very important for those wet and chilly days...

Here are the first sneak pics of the changes. Notice the one piece roof in the process of being fitted.

Then we started kitting out the nosecone, building in the fridge slider for a 60L dual door fridge freezer. You may ask, why the large gap under the fridge slider (right side picture below)? Ingeniously the gap provides storage space for all of those flat braai-ing accessories that are always a pain because of their awkward shape and size, such as a braai grid, gas "wheel" braai and/or even a small folding table.  

More to follow as we progress... Please check in again.