About us

About us

Just as the start of any good story goes… “Long, long ago, in a land far away….” Apologies, just kidding.

Where it all started

My family are avid campers and off-roaders and together have been actively involved in these activities since the early 1990’s.  Travelling the length and breadth of the Southern African continent, experiencing all types of roads and tracks imaginable. We often “wild” camped where no facilities were available. Over the years, we have experienced many different types, makes and configurations of roof top tents, ground tents, trailer tents, off-road trailers, campers and caravans, highlighting the features and flaws of each unit. Some features we liked; others just did not work for us. In 2019, I decided to set a new benchmark for off road campers. This provided me with the opportunity to realise a dream, to build a range of Off-Road Camper/Caravans that would incorporate all the good features we have experienced, and to add a few of our own unique ideas.

About our products

Our small pop-up camper which is fully 4x4 capable, but designed for use with vehicles that can only tow up to 750Kg is call the at.EZee.

Our larger pop-up camper, also fully 4x4 capable, is designed for use with vehicles able to tow up to 1500Kg, is called the at.TrailX

Click on the Our Products page to read more about them.

The third product, called “AT Lux” is already starting to take shape on the CAD system. AT Lux is an off-road caravan, with a hard pop-up roof, catering for 2 adults inside the caravan with a higher level of luxury than the AT TrailX. With a maximum loaded mass of 1500kgs, this unit is suitable for most medium to large SUV’s and 4x4s.

Afri Trak Adventure Campers

Addressing all the obvious and normal requirements, while incorporating our unique, innovative design ideas, is in the “DNA” of Afri Trak Adventure Campers. Located in Pretoria, South Africa, this low volume, high quality business also focuses on delivering a great customisable product at market related prices.

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March 2020


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