Disclosure and Disclaimer 

Afri Trak Tow Hitch Extender

Coupling and uncoupling a trailer behind your vehicle a pain, spare wheel is always in the way? Need a solid mounting for a cycle rack? The Afri Trak tow hitch extender provides the perfect solution. Manufactured tough to take your trailer along, anywhere your vehicle can go.



  • Fits most older Tdi/V8 and newer TD5/Puma factory standard tow bars,
  • Dual vehicle mounting surfaces - completely eliminates vertical movement,
  • Can be mounted in "high" tow ball position for off-road trailers and "low" tow ball position for lower, road trailers,
  • Tow hitch frame, tow ball and tow ball bolts not included.
  • Constructed of CNC cut 16 mm solid mild steel,
  • Professionally welded by ISO certified engineering fabrication company*,
  • Sand blasted, e-coated and then powder coated for corrosion protection,
  • Fits standard bolt holes of most locally supplied Defender tow-bars (in South Africa),
  • 200 mm extension (Tow bar to hitch flange),
  • Note: TD5/Puma tow bars may require relocation of two small bolts if the extender is used in the low position).

*The manufacturer of the component is a well-established fabrication workshop, and has supplied a SANS ISO 3834 Part 2 certificate.

Description of Component:

200mm, 16mm mild steel tow bar extender (Component as supplied is only the tow bar extender and excludes the tow ball, fastening hardware and vehicle tow bar)

Please take note: Use of this component may negatively affect any one or more of the following or even other aspects:

  • Vehicle and trailer handling characteristics,
  • The load on the existing vehicle components, for example the vehicle’s tow hitch, chassis and frame,
  • Vehicle obstacle departure angle,
  • Vehicle insurance terms and conditions,
  • Vehicle warrantee terms and conditions,
  • While the unit has been field tested, past performance does not guarantee future results,
  • The component is NOT SABS tested or certified,
  • The component is NOT approved by any bodies or organisations including; vehicle manufacturers, their subsidiaries, insurance companies.
  • and thus, extra care should be taken when fitting and while using the component.

Please note that using mild steel non-high tensile steel bolts may lead to a malfunction, so high tensile steel bolts and locking nuts should be used to mount the component.

Whilst a suitably certified workshop (SANS ISO 3834 Part 2 certificate) manufactures the tow hitch extender, we cannot guarantee the end product in any way as each unit is hand welded. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the strength, reliability, suitability, legality or otherwise with respect to the fitment and use of the tow hitch extender for any purpose whatsoever.

Any reliance the user places on fitment and use of the tow bar extender is therefore strictly at his or her own risk.

The tow bar extender is sold without guarantee or liability. Afri Trak Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and its subsidiaries, investors, management and personnel do not accept any liability of any nature for any impact whatsoever suffered as a result of the fitment or use of the component, or failure of the component, for any cause whatsoever.