Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy

Over the past 20+ years we have owned several off road trailers and caravans. Each one had some aspects that were great, and other things that were not so great. We considered the best of these things as the basis of our designs. The following are some of the special design ideas that are included in our Camper and Caravan range:

Before a trip, packing sometimes required the lid of the camper to be opened to load chairs, tables, clothes and supplies. We designed all of our doors so they can open even with the camper in the closed position, to ease loading and unloading for a short "trail side" coffee break. 

After climbing ladders into Roof Top Tents and into Trailer Tents, and possibly because we are no longer teenagers, we have made the campers, and beds, as accessible as possible; no step ladders should be required to enter and exit the camper and access to the sleeping area must not require a ladder.

The area under awnings is normally very restricted, so awning space allocated to kitchen units has been optimised, providing maximum space for family and friends.

Campers are often cramped and do not adequately cater for tall people. We made sure that entry doors and standing room inside the camper caters for taller people, and even more important, “Adult” beds accommodate taller people.

While speaking about beds, we had several experiences with poor mattresses, and we insist that beds must be comfortable for a good night’s sleep. In addition, key to getting a good night's sleep is not being disturbed. It should not be necessary to climb over your partner when you want to get out of bed.

And, where practical, the camper units must be dual-purpose; it always bothered me that one purchases a camper and it stands in the corner of the garage for 95% of the year. Often then the family’s interests expand and a quad bike, adventure bikes or a golf cart is purchased. But these often require trailers to get them to the action, so another trailer is required. So, what if the camper “body” is demount-able? Once the camper body has been removed, the trailer “chassis” then serves  as a flat bed trailer to haul these and other items, making it a handy a multi-purpose trailer. So, where practical, our trailers offer this feature.

All of our products are designed for simple,  quick set up and take down, maximizing the camping experience.

Strong, durable, reliable and easy to use campers that adhere to our design philosophy are what we do.....